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The Horror Show (1989)

Original title: the horror show
Production: USA|95 min
Poster of movie The Horror Show
detective mccarthy finally catches "meat cleaver max", a serial killer, who promises revenge during his execution. nonetheless, a parapsychologist tells the detective that the only hope of stopping max for good is to destroy his spirit.
This movie is episode 3 of the series house composed by:
1) house (1986)
3) This movie (1989)
4) house iv (1992)


David Blythregista
James IsaacJames Isaacregista
David Blytheregista

Production and Screenplay

Alan Smitheesceneggiatore
Alan Smitheescrittore
Leslie Bohemsceneggiatore
Leslie Bohemscrittore
Sean S. CunninghamSean S. Cunninghamproduttore

Interpreters and Characters

Terry Alexander(età:42)
Rita TaggartRita Taggart(età:42)
(Donna McCarthy)
Zane W. levitt
David OliverDavid Oliver(età:27)
Lawrence TierneyLawrence Tierney(età:70)
Thom BrayThom Bray(età:35)
(peter campbell)
Dedee PfeifferDedee Pfeiffer(età:25)
(bonnie mccarthy)
Alvy MooreAlvy Moore(età:64)
(chili salesman)
Lance HenriksenLance Henriksen(età:49)
(detective lucas mccarthy)
Matt Clark (attore)(età:53)
(dr. tower)
Lewis ArquetteLewis Arquette(età:54)
(lt. miller)
Brion JamesBrion James(età:44)
(max jenke)
Aron EisenbergAron Eisenberg(età:20)
(scott mccarthy)
Kane HodderKane Hodder(età:34)
Jack McgeeJack Mcgee(età:40)
Greg FinleyGreg Finley(età:42)
Greg Kean(età:27)

Technical staff

Jill Bennetttruccatore
Mac Ahlbergdirettore della fotografia
Cynthia Bergstromcostumista
Robert KurtzmanRobert Kurtzmantruccatore
Robert KurtzmanRobert Kurtzmaneffetti speciali
Greg NicoteroGreg Nicoterotruccatore
Greg NicoteroGreg Nicoteroeffetti speciali
Howard BergerHoward Bergertruccatore
Howard BergerHoward Bergereffetti speciali
David P. bartontruccatore
Edward Antonmontatore
Gandhi Bob arrollotruccatore
Mecki Heussentruccatore
Sean Rodgerstruccatore

Voices and Dubbing

Version Italia(1989)