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arsenic and old lace (1944)

Original title: arsenic and old lace
Production: USA|118 min| black and white
Thriller, Comedy, Comic
Poster of movie arsenic and old lace
a drama critic learns on his wedding day that his beloved maiden aunts are homicidal maniacs, and that insanity runs in his family.


Frank CapraFrank Capraregista

Production and Screenplay

Frank CapraFrank Capraproduttore
Frank CapraFrank Caprasceneggiatore
Julius J.epsteinsceneggiatore
Philip G.epsteinsceneggiatore
Russel Crouseproduttore
Howard Lindsayproduttore
Jack L.warnerproduttore esecutivo
Julius J. Epsteinsceneggiatore
Philip G. Epsteinsceneggiatore

Interpreters and Characters

Cary GrantCary Grant(età:40)
(Mortimer Brewster)
Josephine HullJosephine Hull(età:67)
(zia abby brewster)
Jack CarsonJack Carson(età:34)
Jean Adair(età:71)
(zia martha brewster)
Peter LorrePeter Lorre(età:40)
(dr. einstein)
Raymond MasseyRaymond Massey(età:48)
(Jonathan Brewster)
Edward Everett HortonEdward Everett Horton(età:58)
(mr. witherspoon)
James GleasonJames Gleason(età:62)
Garry OwenGarry Owen(età:42)
Chester Clute
(dr. gilchrist)
Priscilla LanePriscilla Lane(età:29)
(Elaine Harper)
Grant MitchellGrant Mitchell(età:70)
(reverendo Harper)
John RidgelyJohn Ridgely(età:35)
Vaughan Glaser
(giudice Cullman)
"teddy roosevelt" brewster
Hank MannHank Mann(età:57)
Raymond WalburnRaymond Walburn(età:57)
Spencer ChartersSpencer Charters(età:69)
Leo WhiteLeo White(età:62)
Don Phillips
Lee PhelpsLee Phelps(età:51)
Sol GorssSol Gorss(età:36)
Charles LaneCharles Lane(età:39)
John Alexander (attore)John Alexander (attore)(età:47)
Gary Owen
Jimmy The Crow
Spec O'donnell
Herbert Gunn

Technical staff

Byron HaskinByron Haskineffetti speciali
Max SteinerMax Steinermusiche
Daniel MandellDaniel Mandellmontatore
Robert BurksRobert Burkseffetti speciali
Sol PolitoSol Politodirettore della fotografia
Hugo FriedhoferHugo Friedhofermusiche
Leo F.forbsteindirettore musicale
Max Parkerscenografo
Perc WestmorePerc Westmoretruccatore
C.a.riggstecnico del suono
Harold Winstonscenografo
H.r. Bishopmusiche
John Wallacetruccatore
George Bautruccatore

Voices and Dubbing

Version Italia(1944)